Renewable energy
Höfn helps alternative energy and environmental enterprises centrally collect, process, and analyse data from various sources. And also visualise them in real-time.
Digitalisation of renewable energy
About energy
  • Automated collection, processing, and visualization of data for renewable energy companies
  • Intelligent power distribution management
  • Minimize downtime and data loss
  • Integration with Elastic Stack, Grafana, Prometheus, Zabbix, and Jenkins
Wind power and offshore wind power
  • Monitor the power generation from your wind equipment
  • Offshore wind energy monitoring
  • Remote operation and control
  • Alarm management
  • Alternative hydropower

    • Micro, mini, and small hydro
    • Tidal power
    • Wave power
  • Solar energy

    • Monitor the power generation from your solar equipment
    • Monitor your battery power status
  • Geothermal energy

    • Hydraulic fracturing monitoring
    • Monitoring greenhouse gas emissions
  • Energy storage

    • Cryogenic energy storage
    • Gravitational energy storage
    • Geothermal energy storage
    • Remote operation, control and alarm management