Building. Key features.
  • Organization of comprehensive measures to comply with the directive plan and construction schedule of the facility;
  • Planning and operational management of forces and assets during the construction process;
  • Retrospective analysis and assessment of the actions of contractors carried out during construction;
  • Visual control and forecasting of the construction stages of the facility;
  • Notifications to middle managers about the need to control the completion of construction stages;
  • Provision of archival video and photographic materials for the preparation of reports.
About building
  • Integration with various project management systems to obtain initial information (directive and operational construction plans);
  • Integration with access control systems to track the number of equipment, contractors, and workers at the facility for a selected period;
  • Integration with any external sources of information (condition monitoring sensors, climate stations, etc.).
Additional features
  • Obtaining information about construction in a form convenient for making management decisions;
  • Working with time-lapse photography and video archives;
  • Assessment of construction dynamics using user-friendly interactive tools;
  • Multi-user mode with shared access rights;
  • Convenient user interface based on Web 2.0 / HTML5 technologies;
  • Visualization of construction schedules in a visual and easy-to-read form;
  • Unique tools for assessing the dynamics of construction, including using realistic 3D models that demonstrate the appearance of construction objects at each of its stages;
  • Powerful reporting tool using camera footage and expert judgment.
Formation of reports of any complexity
Simple lists. All chart types. Reports based on complex mathematical formulas.